Who’s Responsible… in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia?

It depends – multiple parties can be responsible. Someone injured or the family of a person killed in a trucking collision involving a tractor trailer, 18-wheeler, dump truck, or another commercial motor vehicle may be able to hold different parties responsible. This is true for trucking accidents in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

1.- Driver of the large Truck

When the driver of a large truck makes an error, it can cause serious and oftentimes deadly accidents because of the truck’s extraordinary size. Cars typically weigh a little less than 5,000 pounds, pickup trucks usually weigh less than 10,000 pounds, but a tractor-trailer or 18-wheeler can easily weigh more than 1000,000 pounds when it is carrying a load. This represents extreme danger when the driver makes mistakes.

2.- Owner of the large Truck

Owner-operators of semi-trucks/tractor trailers can own multiple trucks and can act as a driver of the truck(s). At times, trucking companies will lease the truck(s) and driving services of owner-operators or simply hire drivers as independent contractors. When an owner-operator makes a mistake and caused injury or death to another person, he/she can be held responsible or liable for his/her negligence.

3.- Employer of the operator of the large Truck

The employer of the truck driver can usually be held responsible for the injuries or death caused to other persons by the truck driver while the truck driver is on the job and operating a commercial motor vehicle. If the truck driver is acting within the scope of his employment when he commits a negligent act or fails to meet a duty that protects the safety of others, the injured or affected party can use the doctrine of respondeat superior to hold the employer responsible.

4.- Loader of the large Truck

Cargo loaders can cause serious and fatal incidents by their failure to properly load a tractor-trailer or 18-wheeler. Overloading a truck or failing to secure a load are two common types of improper loading that leads to the shifting of loads and related serious and fatal accidents.

5.- Manufacturer of the large Truck

The parts that are produced by manufacturers are required by law to work properly and as designed to avoid terrifying accidents. A defective vehicle or vehicle part on a commercial truck such as a brake failure, a tire failure, or a sudden acceleration can lead to crashes and serious wrecks. Those companies that build semi-trucks that lead to injuries and the death of people should be held responsible.

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